How can effective communication craft your career life?

One of the major features differentiating human beings from other creatures is their ability to speak. However, it is not only the evolutionary characteristic but also holds an important role in forwarding the life of an individual in a definite manner. Whether you are working in a company, heading an MNC or running a social NGO, the communication skills determine the impact of your personality and position. It also helps you achieve the best position in terms of professional posts and social recognition. So it is important to design your communication in a definite manner. Let us know some of the benefits associated with effective Communication.

What is effective communication?

Effective Communication
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One of the major things to keep in mind is that communication is not only all about talking. You actually need to be a good listener in order to communicate effectively. It is because the communication is not about establishing your skills o talk effortlessly. It is the art and science of speaking what the listener actually wants to hear. In fact, listening skills play a definitive role when we talk about the importance of effective communication

You need to modulate your tone, words and presentations skills to satisfy the listener and how successfully you accomplish the same determines the success rate of your communication skills.

  • So the first thing is to listen patiently and try to arrive at the real import of the spoken words to understand what exactly she/he wants to hear.
  • On this level, you should start forming the tacit answers or statements that can be used for communicating. You can call it the foundation of your communication. Once you have the foundation of your communication ready it will not be difficult to convert your thoughts into words and presentation skills that can impact the listener.
  • So you would be more confident while communicating as you know that what you are telling is something that the listener really wants to hear.

Why do you need effective communication skills?

Effective communication skills help a great way of helping you in your entire career. In fact, the career of a person depends upon their skills but it is even more important to note that you should be able to present your skills and qualification in an authoritative manner.

There are a number of examples where the overqualified people fail to achieve the position or reputation that they really deserve while the other people with average or even lower qualification achieve the astonishing results an are able to realize their career goals faster and acquiring the high ranks. In many (if not most) of the cases, the real difference lies in the communication skills.

  • If the qualified people are not able to present their skills and achievement using effective communication skills they cannot leave the desired impact on the receiver.
  • The people with effective communication skills, on the other hand, have communication strategies. Their effective communication has the desired effects on the receiver that prove them to be an apt candidate who is fully capable of a specific job or task.

Effective communication strategies in the workplace

The good communication does not depend merely upon the words but entails your entire presentation skills that involve the body language expressions, eye contact, gestures, and even subtle mannerisms during communicant.

Very minute actions might have a negative effect on the impact of your communication. For instance, touching your nose lightly while speaking- even if done in a decent manner- implies to some level that your statements are not genuine and the smart listener is well aware of this and other similar psychological facts that can establish or question the veracity of our statements.

The effective communication strategies in the workplace not only help you to get the job but can also help you achieve or target goals and influence the management in a positive manner. It not only helps you to further your career journey and reach the good position but can also save you during the layoff periods.

There are a number of ways in which the communication strategies can help you at your workplace:

Making rapport with your colleagues: You cannot neglect the importance of making a good rapport with our colleagues in order to enjoy the best career opportunities available in your workplace. The good communication skills help you to make a quick connect with your colleagues and help you to achieve their trust. This is the base of all the relations. Good colleague connection can smoothen your daily operation and allow you to have the desired impact on the way your department operates.

Emerging as a responsible figure in the opinion of the senior management: Here, you need to develop an authoritative tone suggesting that you hold an expertise. In many cases, the success rate of building a connection with your senior management can play a definite role in landing you the tasks and roles that can help you in climbing up the stairs of success.

Partners Relations:  If you are in the sales sector then good communication are not only the strong aide but the skills to survive. In this fast-changing competitive world, gaining the trust of the stakeholders, partners and customers is an uphill task. The major issue is that all the businesses in the competitive segments are offering basically the same products with a few differences. However, you need to communicate your potential buyers the reasons and USPs that will make you the preferred choice for them here the effective communication s a mandatory requirement.

During the evolution period: One of the most crucial stages comes when you start to climb up the career ladder and reaches a position where you have more decision power. However, with more power comes more responsibility. Here you need to maintain the good amicable and rewarding relations with your colleagues, subordinates, and seniors. In most of the cases, you need to maintain the common communication thread with these 3 levels of contacts. How well you do that defines the impact and scope of your success. Here you need much better and more refined communication skills. You should know the nuances and difference of communication style where you can establish yourself as a caring leader for the subordinates, same trustable friend to your colleagues and a loyal responsible aide for your seniors.

So you should know how to modulate your tone and presentations skills while communicating with these 3 distinctly different entitles.

Best ways to develop strong effective communication strategies in the workplace

Best ways to develop strong effective communication strategies in the workplace
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There are various ways in which you can develop strong communication strategies at your workplace.

Don’t be afraid of nervousness

Nervousness is not the ultimate unsurpassable boulder. If taken positively, it can be used as a tool to fight your weakness, just like the positive stress that forces you to show your best efforts.

Know the listeners

It is important to know about the listener to determine what they would love to hear in response to their question or what do they expect you to speak. However, you shouldn’t always speak what they exactly want to hear. Sometimes you need to build your own identity by speaking what is right or what your qualification/skills tell you. It will help the listener to know that you have your own independent identity and thoughts and it can help you earn their respect. However, you need to manipulate this as per the situation and person.

Body languages

Body languages should not be different from your words. You cannot believe a person to be a leader when he is delivering a speech with inspiring words but all the while standing in the same listless positions. So, body language is an important tool of your communication strategy that should not be neglected. Make sure that you should have a confident and relaxed body language that changes subtly with your words without any dramatic active or passive message.

Use normal words

You don’t use heavy words while speaking at your home. So why should you use them while you are at your workplace it will only make you sound unnatural. The strategy is to use the words that sound perfectly normal and make the listener think that you are normally speaking not lecturing them. The normal words actually help you connect with your audience and create your own distinct identity


Effective communication plays a great role in enhancing your career and life. When you use your best communication strategies, you actually give a distinct reputation to your personality tour workplace. It builds your authority and can win you the better position within a reasonable period of time. In this article, we have discussed the importance of effective communication strategies and the techniques for improving your communication skills.

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