GDPR rules of Europe- A silent killer of Email Marketing

The new general data protection regulation GDPR updates are going to have a deep and long-lasting impact on the email marketers and it has put them in a catch 22 situation where they cannot afford to neglect these rules and following them can restrict their capabilities and of course the overall success of the campaigns.

Neglecting the latest T and C updates could be dangerous

As per one of the latest CNBC report, many email marketers are ignoring the latest emails regarding updated privacy policies for GDPR and it could have serious implications. In fact, the recipients are not bothered about even opening such emails and it puts them at a disadvantage of continuing the old practices regarding email marketing campaigns some of which are now considered illegal.

Figures and facts

  • According to a controlled study, as many as 80-85% of the intended recipients don’t open the emails regarding GDPR updates and thus they remain in the dark.
  • The similar findings are discovered by the Mail Chimp in a different context- one of the most popular tools for email marketers. A total of 80% marketing emails remain unopened. The recipients don’t even take the trouble of opening them.

So, What is GDPR compliance?

eu general data protection regulation timeline (GDPR)
Source: Dlapiper (GDPR compliance date)

The crux of the entire issue is the new clause that prohibits the email marketers from sending emails to any new client that has never made any purchase from them in the past. Now, that’s a paradox because you can market to those clients who are new to your business in order to widen your reach, revenue, and reputation.

  • Besides, not a good number of past clients would be interested in repeating the purchase due to varying reasons that may range from quality issues to simply the question of ever-changing demands.
  • If we look at the entire situation from the perspective of a realistic situation we will find that the new update by GDPR means losing the massive possibilities of extending their reach.

Scratching the surface

Talking of the figures the penalty pegs at 4 percent of your annual revenue.

Even if you have read the new GDPR updates and want to comply with the same it means that you have to send an email to the clients asking if the really want to continue getting the emails or would they like to opt out of this unsolicited facility.

Even such emails are not being opened by the recipients that put you in the dark as an email marketer.

  • If we dive deeper into the issue we will also come to know that the disadvantages go beneath just the surface of the obvious harm.
  • You never know whether or not you can contact the potential clients again and you risk facing the GDPR charges if you do it.
  • It can make you eligible to be sued by GDPR.

A real perspective to determine the long-lasting impact

Digging down one more level will reveal that there is one more disadvantage of the new updates. In order to know about the real and multi-level impact we have to take a real-life instance:

  • Suppose you send a marketing mail to as many as 100 people with the latest offers or discounts. However, out of them, all only 7 people discovered that the schemes are beneficial for them.
  • Among them, only 5 people purchased your services but more importantly 3 out of them became your regular clients and 1 client refer you to another 10 people gaining you 3 more clients- all regulars.

Simplifying the equation you got 8 clients out of which 6 clients became you regular clients and this cycle of getting referred can steadily keep on increasing.

The updated GDPR rules not only severe the possibilities of getting directly connected with the potential clients but also finish off the opportunities to keep on growing your customer line!

 The volume of massive impact

Talking of the real impact of the updates, as many as 80% of the email audience has been lost as per reported by many email marketers. So the updated GDPR rules and regulations will affect your overall business foundation and can interfere with the fundamental capabilities as your business acumen.

 The reach of the new GDPR rules

GDPR Compliance
Source: Macouncil

These new effects have a primary impact on the EU companies and audience but a number of concerned entities have expanded such protection to other countries like America as well partially because they want to be on the safer side but more importantly because of the impracticality and costs associated with following to different set of rules.

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