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Personal hygiene plays a very important role in keeping your body free from a number of diseases and efficiently combating various harmful bacteria. However, the importance of good hygiene extends further and also helps us in enjoying a good social reputation. The society respects people with good hygiene habits. Irrespective of your qualifications or achievements the lack of personal hygiene can limit your social interactions thus costing you a number of opportunities while at the same time affecting your confidence in a negative manner. Let us know about diverse aspects associated with personal hygiene, its importance and the related products that help keep your body clean.

Why is personal hygiene important?

Good personal hygiene is very important for living a rewarding life. It promotes healthy living and keeps you free from a number of infectious diseases and health risks. It also helps you achieve a respectable position in society. In fact, among various other things that offer human beings a distinguished position when compared to other creatures, one of the major factor is hygiene. Here are the various factors that highlight the need and benefits of personal hygiene for humankind:

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  • If we closely study the different phases of history we would observe that personal hygiene has a strong connection with our evolution. With each phase of evolution, we added a new, more improved way of keeping ourselves hygienic. It clearly tells about the importance of personal hygiene.
  • For instance, once upon a time around 150-200 years ago, the major way of keeping the body hygienic was limited to applying oil and water as there were no soaps or they were too primitive to be practically usable. Likewise, the people used a specific type of coarse cloth for rubbing their teeth in order to clean them. However, today such ways of keeping the tooth or body clean sounds outright unacceptable as we have already evolved and can use brush/soap for the purpose of cleaning.
  • So, if we are not keeping ourselves hygienic as per the latest acceptable rules then we kind of refuse to evolve with the time.
  • Last but not the least the personal hygiene also has a great impact on the well being of the people who come into our contact. Lack of personal hygiene engender various infectious disease and by coming into contact with other people we can unintentionally become a medium to spread those diseases.
  • Likewise keeping different parts of our body clean and properly washed can help us remain odor free and this saves us from the social embarrassment. After all, no one likes that when they are talking with the people the listener starts maintaining a sufficient distance from them because of bad odors.

What is personal hygiene?

The personal hygiene entails a number of different healthy habits to keep different parts of the body clean using the standard hygiene routine. Here are the key principles of good personal hygiene:

What is personal hygiene
  • Hands: The hands are used throughout the day or various tasks right from typing the keyboards till using toilets and greeting someone by shaking the hands. Hence it would not be an exaggeration to say that the hands are the biggest mediums of transporting the germs from one place to another. Hence the most basic art of cleanliness includes cleaning our hands.
  • Various germs and micro-organisms stick to our hand whenever we touch a surface and these invisible tiny organisms are the major carrier of a number of diseases.
  • If we don’t maintain strict hand hygiene then there are high chances that we may end up consuming those germs or transferring them to our eyes, ears nose or other sensitive parts of the body during the acts of itching, rubbing the skin and/or eating the food. So washing hands is one of the most important basic personal hygiene habits.
  • Oral care: Oral health care is another important habit to include in our daily routine in order to live a good hygiene life. Our mouth can be a house to various harmful germs, cavities, and plaques if we do not clean it on a regular basis. Besides, by the way of eating the food, we can swallow these harmful elements and that is all the more harmful.
  • Talking in terms of social acceptability, the people generally don’t like to talk much with those who have bad breath. It is certainly not something that you like that you should be treated as an avoidable entity by others because your breath is odorous. So, it is also important to brush your teeth in the morning and immediately after having your meals.
  • Apart from brushing your teeth flossing them is equally important
  • Apart from the morning schedule of brushing the teeth, you should also brush them immediately after the 3 meals of e day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • It is equally important to clean your tongue on a daily basis using good tongue cleaning products
  • Bathing: Bathing on a regular basis is another major hygiene habit that you should incorporate in your regular life. Taking a good shower with warm water and soap can make you feel refreshing and rejuvenates you quite instantly. It is a complete hygiene solution for the entire body right from hair till toes.
  • It not only kills the odor creating germs and bacteria but also saves us from a number of skin infections like Athletes foot etc.
  • Apart from the body, the bath should also consist of cleaning your hair a using a good quality of shampoo and conditioner at least twice in a week.
  • The entire day our body comes in a contact with a number of germs, whether you are lying down on a mattress or visit public paces, there are many chances that different types of germs may settle on your body’s skin and can enter your body one way or the other. By taking the regular bath you can easily eliminate those germs and remain disease-free
  • Washing clothes: Clothes can be called our second skin as they not only come into contact with a number of germs but are also quick to trap them in their fabrics.
  • That is why it is equally important to wash your clothes on a daily basis and use good quality washing powder to disinfect them and keep them free from various harmful and unwanted bacteria.


The cleanliness and personal hygiene are one of the most important things to be considered if we want to live a healthy life, wish to be accepted socially and enjoy a good reputation in the society. However in order to enjoy the healthy life we need to maintain a regular practice of cleaning the different parts of our body that ensure the maximum hygiene and keeps our body clean. The blog focuses on various aspects of personal hygiene and also offers relevant practical tips and personal hygiene products to keep different parts of your body clean.

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