How to choose a research topics for better research experience?

How to choose research topics

Research is the best way to prove your authority in any specific domain. Whether the research topics are science or literature, the deep knowledge and a keen interest in any subject with a scholarly attitude are the prerequisites for any research work. However, as the research process is quite long and may go through some long-winded paths (due to the exact presentation requirements, style formatting etc.) it is very important to make sure that you are really ready to work on a research project and are confident to accomplish it well. Let us know about some of the major things to keep in mind while finding the ideal research topic and how to ensure that you would be able to justify with the same:

Choosing good research topics

The first natural question that can come to your mind is how to choose a research topic. There are a plethora of interesting research topics on which one can research but you should be very careful while choosing the right topic for you. It is not the number of the available topics that should be the parameter for choosing the right and interesting research topics but the expertise you hold on the subject and the genuine interest in the same is the major prerequisite in order to start working on a research topic that will be able to offer you a distinct position.

Major factors to consider

Research Topics
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  • Interest: Research topics need you to invest a good number of hours and efforts and you would not be able to deliver a quality work if it becomes drudgery along the way. Hence it is very important that you should have the genuine interest in the topic of the research and have a strong opinion on the same.
  • Expertise: Another major thing to keep n mind is the expertise, there are a number of topics that may interest you but you cannot be equally knowledgeable in all of them. The interest can help you start your research work in a better way but n order to shape it well and ensure to offer a properly structured, professional research you need to have a clear expertise in the subject. In fact, while working on the research project you should keep in sharpening your expertise in order to give your research a sharp edge. Finally, you would need to prepare a list of research topics in which you hold a distinct expertise and keen interest.

Presentation style

Just like the researcher the audience also needs to put in a good amount of time and attention to go through the research work. Sometimes, the use of technical language or professional explanations might also need them to look through several other references. Clearly, if your presentation style is not engaging you run a risk of boring your audience before they even reach the midway. It can take the edge out of the research topics and turn even the deep work on best research topics into a failed attempt. It not only affects the marking but also puts a question mark one intense effort you have invested in preparing the research

  • Thoughts and opinions: While you can certainly not tinker much with the scholarly research, there is no harm in presenting your own thoughts and opinions on the facts that you have presented. It is a human nature to know about others opinions on various facts
  • Define your personality: The ideal research should define your individual personality so that the audience can connect with you and take your matter seriously. Allow the audience to make an opinion about your personality, principles, and school of thought so that it can establish a relationship with your persona.
  • Right balance of different elements: Writing a research is not an easy task and you are most possibly prone to make the mistakes by unbalancing the different ingredients. While facts and figures must be there to add the authenticity to the topic, you should also be careful that each chunk of relates facts should present a well-rounded information in a specific aspect of the research complemented by your own proposal opinions and discoveries. Likewise, every bit of information should be supported by the intriguing information that adds some real value. Hence you need to balance the facts, figures, your own opinions; opinions of the authority figures of the industry, survey results and a number of other variations- just in the right balance so that they should perfectly complement one another.

Right use of Keywords

The digitization o the research works has made it really useful to use the right keywords in order to get found easily over the internet. We all know that finding a research even on the internet is not a very easy task and hence making our research properly populated with the keywords can have definite benefits for you.

Unique research topics

Another major thing to keep in mind is the unique research topics. This needs further digging. Actually, there are a number of topics that can be called unique but then you have to narrow down the topic in order to make sure that it should certainly present the unique character often research topic on which you are working.

  • For example, if your topic of research is reducing stress then “how to reduce stress?” seems way too general to attract the audience.
  • However, you can rather focus on the stress in the senior citizens due to the negligence by the society and term is “A practical perspective on increasing stress levels in senior citizens due to social negligence” then it can be the right candidate to be called unique topic.

 Become a library member

While you can find most of the research related ingredients online with a few clicks of a mouse it is still better to join a library. It costs you some time to visit the library on a regular basis but the benefits are far superior to make this effort worth every second you invest in it:

  • The library not only offer you a plethora of books that can help you write a well-informed research in the engaging presentation but with the help of an experienced librarian, you will also be able to find the right material for your topic of research.
  • Also, the research topic preparation needs you to get some fresh air and socialize a bit and library can certainly be the best place for the purpose.


Getting your research work published is the best way to establish your authority on a specific subject and prove your expertise. However, any quality research work needs an extensive and deep series of efforts. If you are not really expertise in the subject or hold a genuine interest then you run a risk of ruining you research work that can fail to attract the attention from the right authorities or engage the audience. So this blog tells about the major things to keep in mind before you start on any research topic and how to manage the initial phase.

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