First Cardiac CT in Guyana- How and Why it was Done

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Authors : Joel Joseph


Introduction: A 64 detector CT was purchased by the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) and came into use there in May of 2018. First Cardiac CT was completed by technologist at GPHC on the 5th of July 2019 directed by a resident radiologist.

Methods: The sequence of events was confirmed by references in electronic media and official hospital logs and records. Images from GPHCs picture archiving and communication system PACS were also used to critique the quality of the test performed.

Results: The total radiation dose delivered was 33.9 mSv over two scans. The calcium scoring accounted for only 1.1mSv of the total dose. The final image quality was very good and without motion artefact and most importantly was good enough to rule out the diagnosis in question with certainty.

Conclusion: The test was completed by a team with minimal experience accomplishing excellent final image quality, though with increased radiation dose. This was achieved by having motivated staff, and experienced volunteers willing to advise remotely, and a very cooperative patient.

Keywords: GPHC, 64 detector CT, Cardiac CT.