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July 2017

Volume 2 | Issue 1

In this issue, we are going to see the molecular mechanisms involved in tissues to harmful stimuli, Characteristic analysis of Caralluma attenuata extract, Sacral hiatus, study on local anesthetic eutectic mixture in New Zealand white rabbits, Neuroprotective Epigenetic and DNA Damage repairing molecular mechanisms and also about Antifungal, contraceptive, anti-cancer, mosquito repellent properties of Azadirachtaindica.

ISSUE DOI: 10.21522./TIJBMS.2016.02.01

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Recent articles

  • Molecular Mechanisms Involved in Inflammatory Cascade: A Review
    Author: Jagan Nadipelly
    DOI: 10.21522./TIJBMS.2016.02.01.Art001
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    2091 47
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    1910 33
  • Sacral Hiatus - A Morphometric and Anatomical Study
    Author: Jyothinath Kothapalli
    DOI: 10.21522./TIJBMS.2016.02.01.Art003
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    16543 73
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    1786 22
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    2150 33
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