Understanding Patients Perspective on Clinical Research in Indian Population

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Authors : Kaushal Kapadia



To understand patients’ perspectives on clinical research in India


A questionnaire based survey was conducted in different parts of India, covering all kind of population. Questionnaires were filled with the help of investigators, physicians, social workers, freelancers, research professionals, etc.


India is said to be the hub of clinical research. It is also equivalently important that the population in India are well aware about the basics of clinical research so that individuals are not treated as “guinea pigs” and the research is conducted with full ethics and good clinical practice. The study was undertaken to analyze the perspective and awareness of clinical research amongst Indian population.


There were 20 different parameters/data points for which the data was collected from 6122 patients across the country. As the available data is dichotomous a dynamic analysis was done using a percentile method.


Clinical trials in India are conducted in ethical manner but still the understanding of patients remains ambiguous. The data concludes that awareness about clinical research remains low. Awareness will help us bring new therapies to the market.


Clinical trials, Indian Scenario, Awareness, Patients Perspective, Ethics, Subjects Confidentiality


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