Translational Research in Cancer Research

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Authors : Manali Khawle


Translational research is basic research that uses in betterment of the patient health. It includes laboratory based research and research in human subjects, populations and communities. In past decades researcher and theirs researches have clearly focused on importance of the basic research in clinical improvement, human health, etc. Implementation of translational research as a key component of drug development and clinical research is complex and involves patients in various ways. Thereby it imposes some new ethical, legal, logistical and management constrains. Moreover translational research may require highly sophisticated machines, specific imaging techniques, biochemistry laboratories and imposes other infrastructural prerequisites, some of which should be in the direct vicinity of the clinical trial site. The usefulness of data generated during monitoring of such clinical trials with biologic/mechanistic endpoints is highly dependent on the quality of the assays and the availability of sufficient numbers of samples to conduct valid analyses.

KEYWORDS: Translational Research, Clinical trial, Basic research, cancer, Cancer treatment.


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