Determination of relationship and frequency of sensorineural hearing loss in previously diagnosed diabetes mellitus and/or hypertensive adults using qualitative semi-structured interviews

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DOI: 10.21522/TIJCR.2014.03.01.Art016

Authors : Amrit Karmarkar


Background: Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) is most common form of hearing loss, (90% of hearing loss cases). It was observed that diabetes and hypertension both can cause SNHL through diabetic microangiography and hypertensive retinopathy in ear respectively. Considering prevalence of diabetes and hypertension in India, particularly in state of Maharashtra and their association with sensorineural hearing loss, it was decided to evaluate relationship and frequency of SNHL in adult population of Mumbai metropolitan region.

Methodology: The aim of study was to investigate relationship and frequency of SNHL due to previously diagnosed diabetes mellitus and/or hypertension in adult population of Mumbai metropolitan region. In present study, protocol was designed for semi-structured qualitative interviews of physicians to determine relationship and prevalence of SNHL. In total 25 respondents were replied to semi-structured interviews.

Results: Semi-structured interviews of physicians and audiologists revealed that there exists close association with duration and control of diabetes and/or hypertension. In semi-structured interviews it was found that out of all SNHL patients, there were 71.43% cases of diabetes; 39.29% cases of hypertension; and 53.57% of both diabetes and hypertension. Severity of hearing loss due to diabetes and/or hypertension was found to be moderate with more prevalence in age group of 50-60 years.

Conclusion: It was found that sensorineural hearing loss occurs due to diabetes and/or hypertension. Better control of these conditions at early stage might prevent causation or progression of sensorineural hearing loss. There is need to create awareness amongst public about hearing loss and utility of hearing aids.


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