Adherence to Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis Protocols (PRISMA-P) guidelines: A cross-sectional analysis from Medical Databases

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Authors : Vinod Gyanchandani, Pradnya Mahatme, Kannan Sridharan, Ashok Motwani


Aims: Guidelines have been designed to prepare best quality systematic review and meta-analysis reports to provide rational concise predictions about elaborate and complex of clinical trial data. Latest update in these guidelines is given by PRISMA-P 2015, which we wish to analyze for predicting its acceptability over the old PRISMA 2009.

Methods: We studied 287 articles from 143 Journals listed in Pubmed and sorted them on the basis of inclusion and exclusion criteria to predict the number of articles published in 2015 which followed the latest PRISMA-P checklist.

Results: Out of 287 articles 208 relevant articles were selected from which 182 (87.5%) followed the old PRISMA 2009 statement, 4(1.9%) did not follow PRISMA guideline, while 14 (6.7%) partially followed the same. Only 8 (3.8%) of the articles published in 2015 after February, followed the updated PRISMA-P statement.

Conclusion: Results of the present study predicts probable apprehension of authors towards PRISMA-P 2015 statement.

Keywords: Meta-analysis, Systematic reviews, PRISMA, PRISMA-P.


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