Review of Pediatric End of Life Care (EOLC) - Palliative Care

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Authors : Olowofeso Abisola Mercy


Background: Pediatric EOLC describes the support and medical care given during the time (hours, days, months, years) surrounding the eventual death of a child from a terminal condition that advanced, became progressive, and then incurable. Pediatric palliative care is a holistic family-centered approach, with the child and family enwrapped in the center of a circle of professionals (multidisciplinary group of caregivers) addressing spiritual, physical, social, psychological, and physical needs in an attempt to prevent and relieve suffering.

Objectives: Understanding the concept (evolution and problems associated) of pediatric EOLC-palliative care, including the needs of patients and their families.

Methods: Meta-summary analysis of studies conducted will report the needs, concerns of patients receiving these care -parents, and siblings; the health care provider's perspective (Dead Donor Rule). The action of the health care system in improving EOLC services, implementation of structures -TNEEL modules and ELNEC for health care providers -PICU staff is reviewed.

Results: Findings will highlight the domains pertaining to family-centered palliative care -involvement of child and family in decision making, sibling’s needs, care planning, relief of pain and associated symptom, cultural needs, faith, care continuity, support during grief and bereavement.

Conclusion: Death and dying affects the whole family, early identification and recognition of EOLC choices influence the quality of life an individual experiences during the dying process as palliative care is not concerned about death but about life until death, the results of this research will emphasize factors to be taken into consideration in the creation of high-quality pediatric EOLC services.

Keywords: Pediatric, palliative care, end of life care (EOLC), chronic diseases, communication, family centered, advanced care planning, terminal illness.

·     TNEEL -The Toolkit for Nurturing Excellence at End-of-Life Transition.

·     ELNEC- End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium.

·     PICU - Pediatric Intensive care Unit.