Designation:   Peer reviewer

Affliation:   M.Sc. Psychiatric Nursing, Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Management , Phd.,


Country:   India



Mr. Chris Thomas, Assistant Professor, currently working in Saroj Lalji Mehrotra Global Nursing College, Aburoad, Rajasthan. He has completed his graduation(BSc Nursing) and post-graduation(MSc Psychiatry Nursing) from Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences, Maharashtra. He also completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Management(PGDHM) from Madhurai Kamraj University, Tamil Nadu. He have total 7 years of experience in nursing education. He is University First Rank Holder(Gold medalist) with Distinction in First year and Second Year M.Sc. Nursing from PIMS, Maharashtra. He pursued basic holistic health and foot reflexology certified course. He has won second prize in poster competition on topic “Conflict resolution style used by nursing professionals” at International Nursing Conference, New Delhi-2016. He is member of editorial board in various national and international journals(total-14 journals).( European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research, New Journal of Psychiatric Nursing (JPN), Journal of Scientific Research in Allied Sciences(JUSRES), International Journal of Advances in Nursing Management, International Journal of Practical Nursing, International Journal of Medical and Surgical Nursing, International Journal of Pediatric Nursing, International Journal of Neurological Nursing, International Journal of Nursing Science Practice and Research etc). He has been credited with many publications in indexed journals(12 articles) and presented scientific papers in different conferences at local and national level(8 presentations). 

Research Interest

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Articles published in English Language Journals :   12

Editing or PEER Review Articles :   7