Prevalence of Obesity and its Relationship with Blood Pressure Pattern and Proteinuria among the Staff of Lautech Teaching Hospital. Osogbo

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DOI: 10.21522/TIJNR.2015.SE.19.01.Art010

Authors : Monisayo O. Komolafe


Background: Obesity is a predictive factor for medical disorders like raised blood pressure, diabetes, hypercholesteremia among others. The prevalence of obesity in Nigeria is said to range from 8.1% to 22.2%. This study aims to determine prevalence of overweight and obesity and its association with pre-hypertension, hypertension, proteinuria among staff of Lautech Teaching hospital responded to annual medical check-up during this years' world kidney day.

Methodology: Consenting volunteers across all departments/units of the hospital were invited via formal letter written to participate in the annual medical check-up to commemorate world kidney day at LTH organized by the renal unit of the hospital. Relevant data including age, sex and department of participants were documented.

Data were entered onto SPSS version 18 and descriptive analysis done to determine mean, standard deviation and percentages of continuous variables.

Findings: Females formed bulk 81.9% of the 343 participants.

Administrative staff were also more likely to have abnormal weight and blood pressure compared to professionals.

Discussion: Obesity was commoner among females and staff who were older than 35 years and this is in agreement with findings of previous researchers.

Recommendation: Annual medical check-up especially among staff over age 34 year should be encouraged

Keywords: Obesity, Blood pressure, Prevalence, Proteinuria, Lautech Staff.


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