Nurse Managers Leadership Style in Finland

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Authors : Salma Parveen


This paper presents a Nurse Manager (NM) who can observe their own behavior and its possessions on employees can regulate which enhanced leadership styles. The purpose of the study was to explore nurses’ and supervision insight about Nurse Manager Leadership Styles (NMLS).  Open- ended interviews were carried out by eleven registered nurses and ten superiors including nurse supervisors and nurse managers. The data were analysed by content analysis.  In the study, Six leadership styles were classified: visionary, coaching, affiliate,   democratic, commanding and isolating. Job satisfaction, commitment to development work, cooperation, and institutional environment in the working department were the factors affected by Leadership styles (LS). The Nurse Manager should think about leadership styles when interact with employees as well as situational factors and objectives of the institution. In Leadership Styles, a participatory leadership style was more common among employees because in such style employee performance is active. Globally participatory (democratic) style also use in various institutions 


Nurse, Nurse Manager, Leadership Styles


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