Sexual Harassment against Women at Workplaces and Its Impact on their Motivation

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DOI: 10.21522/TIJAR.2014.SE.19.02.Art009

Authors : Chibwe Florence Mulenga


Workplace sexual harassment against women is a recurring problem around the globe and is costly to workers and organizations. This is becoming a major problem and is being considered a gender-based violence issue which is leading to the number of working women being fewer leading to gender inequality. Different nations have taken measures to deal with the consequences of such a problem. Sexual harassment at work can have very serious consequences both for the harassed individual as well as for other working women who experience it second-hand and also impact their motivation. The consequences to the individual employee can be many and serious. Therefore, this report attempts to outline these impacts/consequences. This paper explores sexual harassment in the workplace within organizations in Zambia. Different articles and reports were reviewed to that purpose. This information is considered particularly timely as it reflects the current position in Zambia. The expected outcome of this paper is the development of policies and creation of awareness which will help to stop the perpetrators of sexual harassment against women in the workplace.

Keywords: gender, inequality, violence, motivation, harassment


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