Crime Propensity Indices of the Urban Dwellers in Dapitan and Dipolog Cities

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Authors : Clarita D. Bidad, Leonardo D. Cainta


This study aimed to determine the crimes of urban offenders in the Cities of Dipolog and Dapitan that may be attributed to poverty during the year 2005-2010. The subjects of this study were two hundred eighty nine inmates in Dipolog City Rehabilitation Center and one hundred twenty three inmates in Dapitan City Rehabilitation Center.Results of the study revealed that the most common crimes committed which were related to poverty were: violation of RA 9165, sec.5,11, and 12 (drugs related), robbery, murder/frustrated murder, theft, violation of RA 6539 (anti-carnapping), estafa, and homicide/frustrated homicide in the order of decreasing propensity. It was further revealed that crimes were committed to make life better, sustain family needs and support drug habits.

KEYWORDS: Crime propensity index, Poverty, Urban poor


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