Analysis of Poverty Incidence in the Municipalities of Zamboanga Del Norte

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Authors : Ed Neil O. Maratas, Archer C. Campoy, Erieda C. Acas


 This study analyzed the poverty incidence in the municipalities of Zamboanga del Norte as published by Peace Equity Access for Community Empowerment Foundation (PEF) Inc. (2006). The identified variables of the study consisted of demography, health and sanitation, education, housing, land tenure and governance. The result showed that majority of Municipalities (24 out of 27 Municipalities) belonged to high poverty incidence areas except Dipolog and Dapitan cities including Sindangan municipality. In terms of significant indicators on poverty incidence of this province, it was found out that the population, proportion of households with no access to potable water, no sanitary toilet, elementary cohort survival rate, secondary participation rate and households with lot owned or amortized did influence the poverty situation in Zamboanga del Norte. The present findings of the study suggested that in order to alleviate poverty in the Province of Zamboanga del Norte, the concerned agencies of the government i.e. the DepEd, DOH and DA must address or solve the problems of the municipalities anent health and sanitation, education and land tenure.

KEYWORDS AND PHRASES: Poverty incidence, Independent variables, Regression and cluster analysis


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