Cobit, Itil and Iso 27002 Alignments for Information Security Governance in Modern Organisations

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Authors : Tanvir Orakzai


Over the years; there have been a number of methodologies and standards designed to help IT Governance and information security within modern organizations to achieve optimum process to achieve business objectives. Companies pursue the use of various mechanisms to ensure that their IT infrastructure is aligned with the objectives of the business and comply with local and global IT governance rules and regulations. Despite the vast amount of options available, there has been considerable confusion over the various methods used IT manager due to their lack of compressive information Governess approach. This paper proposes the comprehensive alignment of ITIL, COBIT and ISO/IEC 27002 that can be effectively used by any organization as a comprehensive solution to handle IT Governance and Information Technology Management in their organizations.


ITIL, COBIT, ISO- 27002, information security, IT Governance, Information Technology Management


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