The Effect of a Systematic Workout Routine on Medical Students’ General Wellbeing and Academic Performance at the Texila American University

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DOI: 10.21522/TIJAR.2014.09.03.Art018

Authors : Lianne Rickford, Alliyah Browne, Dawson Greaves, Faiyada Mangar, Jaden Moses, Mayana Panday


The purpose of this study is to discover how many students have a systemic workout routine. The members of this group aimed to investigate the types of workout routines the students practiced, how often they did so, and to determine the impact of a systematic workout routine on the well-being of medical students at Texila American University. This study was established from the responses of one hundred and twenty medical students at Texila American University to a questionnaire distributed by the members of the group via online. The questionnaire consisted of fourteen questions that mainly focused on the workout routine, well-being, and academic performances of each student. In view of the fact that “well-being can be understood as how people feel and how they function both on a personal and social level, and how they evaluate their lives as a whole,”. The findings revealed that even though less than half of the students regularly worked out, having a workout routine, or simply exercising ever so often helped boost students’ mood, strengthen their mental, emotional, and physical health as well as improve their academic performance overall. The results of our research were in accordance with our hypothesis, which was: “A regular workout routine has a positive effect on the general well-being and academic performance of medical students at Texila American University by improving brain function and mood.” While the results obtained were in agreement with our hypothesis, they were somewhat hampered by the fact that only 43% (52 students) of our respondents had a systematic workout routine.

Keywords: Medical students, Workout routine, Academic performance, General well-being.


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