RFID Integrated Teacher Monitoring

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DOI: 10.21522/TIJAR.2014.03.01.Art026

Authors : Adewopo Adeniyi


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a generic term for non-contacting technologies that use radio waves to automatically identify people or objects. There are several methods of identifying human or object, but the most common, in today’s world, is to store a unique serial number that identifies a person or object on a microchip that is attached to an antenna. The combined antenna and microchip are called an "RFID transponder" or "RFID tag" and work in combination with an "RFID reader" (sometimes called an "RFID interrogator" because it queries the tag in the cause of retrieving the stored number or information). An RFID system consists of a reader and one or more tags. The reader's antenna is used to transmit radio frequency (RF) energy. Depending on the tag type, the energy is "harvested" by the tag's antenna and used to power up the internal circuitry of the tag. The tag will then modulate the electromagnetic waves generated by the reader in order to transmit its data back to the reader. The reader receives the modulated waves and converts them into digital data. 


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