Investigating Factors Affecting Poultry Farmers and Poultry Farms Towards Sustainable Development. A Case study of Poultry Association of Zambia Registered Poultry Farmers in Lusaka Province

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DOI: 10.21522/TIJMG.2015.SE.19.01.Art001

Authors : Namonze Chilala


This research is based on the study of factors affecting poultry farmers and farms in Lusaka Province Zambia. The economic value of poultry cannot be underestimated, they are highly contributing in gross domestic product and fast-growing industry providing large number of employment and animal food production in Zambia.

the researcher has seen a gap between farmer, farm and sustainable development. The future of poultry farming is not certain.

Available evidence has shown that there are a number of factors that affect poultry farmers and poultry farms in Zambia which has affected the poultry industry to continue growing.

However, the poultry has been having improvement in some areas such as production despite the negative internal and external factors that has been affecting the industry. As a result of this the researcher has opted to investigate the factors that are affecting poultry farmers and the factors affecting farms respectively. In order to understand the research question, the research is going to define the key words of the study. Then the factors affecting poultry and farms are given. Followed by the existing solutions for the problem and the best one will be outlined. Limitations and achievements with sustainable development to the study will discussed. The findings will add to the body of knowledge for other researchers. The findings will be used by researchers to build theories and models that relate the factors to the poultry industry. When the theories are formed will help to sustain the poultry farmer and farm to continue for our future generation to come.

Keywords: Factors, poultry farmers, poultry farms, Sustainable development, Poultry association of Zambia, Zambia.


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