ISSN : 2520-310X
DOI   : 10.21522/TIJMG.2015


Texila International Journal of Management aims to publish business management researches and renders a good platform for the researches that reflect on the latest updates from the theoretical and practical perspectives of the business and management industry. It is mainly focused on the scholarly articles in the areas of management principles, financial management, human resource management, international business and more.

Aim & Scope

Texila International Journal of Management is published half yearly and is highlighted with the researches on the emerging trends in business and management vertical meeting the challenges in the sector. The main focus of the Journal is to showcase the best practices in Information Management practices, Leadership and Governance Skills etc. The journal paves way for the management researchers and management students to publish their original research works. This Journal emphasizes to bring out researches that would reveal the underlying technological advances in the management sector. The main projection is in the areas of management principles, international business and more.