Study of Marketing and Processing of Mango Enterprise with a View to Reduce Wastage Among Local Mango Producers in Zambia

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DOI: 10.21522/TIJMG.2015.SE.19.01.Art022

Authors : Mukonde Siafunda


Mangifera indica L., is one of the tropical fruit trees grown in Zambia. The mango fruit produced in rainy season go to waste. In order to reduce the waste, a business model must be employed to use this mass production into an opportunity. A study was undertaken on how the business model would play a big role in providing markets for the mango fruits in Zambia. The researcher identified the marketing players in the industry such as processing companies, producers, and traders. Through the literature review and the study, it was found that the mango processing enterprise is profitable because it has a huge market within Zambia especially in the slack period of mango production. Due to competition for these outlets, the processing companies will need strategic planning with sound marketing strategies. This loss can go up to 30 or 40 %. With a bleak possibility to store mangoes locally, smallholder farmer has to sell his harvest at the time that the market is flooded and the prices are on its lowest. (GVCT 2016). This also result into the loss of contribution to the economy of Zambia that is predominantly agriculturally based. This study looked at three marketing players and profitability and this showed that the producers have a net profit margin of 18.34%, the trader at 19.45% and the processor at 34.1%. This shows that the processor would help to reduce wastage and at the same time be able to make profits out of the business model.

Keywords: Market players, processing, net-profit margin, wastage.











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