Investigating Project Management Practices in the NSW Public Sector

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DOI: 10.21522/TIJMG.2015.SE.19.02.Art007

Authors : Roy Chikwem


This paper reviews the position of public-funded projects and project management practices within the New South Wales (NSW) public sector in Australia. It focuses on evaluating project delivery; however, identifies project management challenges while identifying strategies for overcoming these hurdles in the NSW public sector. This paper will discuss the process of project implementation within the NSW government. It will identify and examine project management related issues that may occur during the project implementation of public-funded projects within the NSW government. It will discuss the measures, procedures, and strategies employed to overcome these challenges and scrutinize the effectiveness of these measures to achieve the project goals. It will conclude with recommendations on a way forward to increase project performance, implementing project management best practices and measuring project efficiency within the NSW government. However, this paper is based on a review of a single government department, the NSW Department of Communities and Justice; it will explore concepts that can provide guidance and can be applied more broadly on other public-funded project and within other government agencies.

Keywords: NSW Government, NSW Public Sector, Project Management, Project Manager


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