Challenges of Strategy Implementation at the Eswatini Cotton Board

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DOI: 10.21522/TIJMG.2015.06.01.Art001

Authors : Daniel Khumalo, Daniel Khumalo


Strategy implementation is critical to the success of every organization. It addresses means of achieving desired goals and objectives. Literature review indicates that strategy formulation is given more focus than strategy implementation. Previous studies have shown that strategies fail due to poor implementation. Given the importance of strategy and its execution, it is imperative that the Eswatini Cotton Board identifies challenges that impede strategy implementation. This study investigates strategy implementation challenges at the Eswatini Cotton Board with an aim of providing recommendations on how to overcome the identified challenges. Qualitative research method was adopted in conducting the study. The target population included senior management and board members of the Eswatini Cotton Board who were familiar with strategy formulation and implementation. Ten interviewers were selected using purposive sampling technique. Primary data was collected using a semi structured interview schedule and analyzed by means of a thematic analysis. The findings indicate that poor management, lack of financial resources and poor coordination of activities are the key factors that hinder strategy implementation. The study recommends education and training, development of resource mobilization strategies, alignment of the organizations structure and effective communication.

Keywords: Strategy implementation, Eswatini Cotton Board, Challenges, strategy implementation.


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