A Study to Determine the Level of Satisfaction among the Nurses at Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia South East of Nigeria

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DOI: 10.21522/TIJMG.2015.02.01.Art006

Authors : Okam Nwakaego


Job satisfaction is one of the criteria of establishing a healthy organizational structure in an organization. Nurses are inseparable cornerstone of the health system. Job satisfaction of these nurses will affect the quality of career rendered in our healthcare centers. In this respect the question of how the elemental factors affect their level of satisfaction becomes important. This paper tried to examine the level of job satisfaction among the nurses.

This is a cross-sectional study conduct to determine the level of job satisfaction among nurses in their workplace. A total of 193 self administered questionnaire were obtained for data analysis. The subjects’ were selected randomly. Internal consistent reliability by Cronbach’s alpha coefficient test was 0.706.

The result showed that nurses job satisfaction is moderate-high. The null hypothesis for age and marital status was upheld at, age –p-value 0.8028 and marital status –P-Value 0.145. But for education P-Value <0.0001 and years of experience is P-Value <0.00001 too. The finding is important for understanding level of job satisfaction and are milestone to improve quality nursing care /services at the centre. It is recommended that management should be encouraged to sustain profitable policies to motivate the nurses.


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