Effective Communication as a Strategy for Enhancing Organizational Performance: A study of Afghan Relief Committee, Kabul

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DOI: 10.21522/TIJMG.2015.03.01.Art002

Authors : Bilal Ahmad Stanikzai


The study examines the role of effective communication for enhancing organizational performance in an Afghan Non-Governmental Organization, Afghan Relief Committee (ARC). The problem that led the research is the delays in access to information and employees’ under achievement in end year performance evaluation. This research is using primary data, and survey research method is adopted for this purpose. However, some data will be collected from previous researches under literature review of this study. The focused populations are active employees of the Afghan Relief Committee which makes a total of 150 people in Kabul. The research targets 30% of total population (35 employees) through random sampling and are approached through a questionnaire for data collection.

The study found that there is direct link between effective communication and organization performance. The study has found out the most effective communication methods preferred by employees as well as concrete recommendations for effective communication in the organization.


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