Contributory Factors of Job Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction in Organizations

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DOI: 10.21522/TIJMG.2015.04.01.Art001

Authors : Sherena A Persaud


Job satisfaction- dissatisfaction is a major concern to every organization irrespective of the type. As job satisfaction boosts productivity and creates healthy and stress-free employees, job dissatisfaction does the opposite. Job dissatisfaction causes downtime which leads to low productivity and jeopardizes an organization’s profitability and long-term security to stay afloat and compete. The aim of this research was to investigate if employees are satisfied in their chosen organization in East Berbice-Corentyne, Guyana. This paper also highlights what is meant by the term “job satisfaction” and “job dissatisfaction” as well as the causes and their effects in organizations. A questionnaire was created and administered to 50 persons from three organizations. Based on the survey carried out, 94% of the respondents had an appreciation for their job, 36% stated that they had no issue at their workplace, and 44 out of 50 respondents planned to remain in the organization they are currently apart of despite issues faced.

Keywords: job satisfaction, job dissatisfaction, employee withdrawal.


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