Role of Ultrasound in Testicular and Scrotal Trauma

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Authors : Vikash Kumar Bhojasiya


Testis is the superficial structure and scrotum has thin skin and subcutaneous tissue. This makes the evaluation of the testis by ultrasound very accurate and effective. However, high frequency to be used for evaluation of such structures to get best resolution. This article was mainly describing the role of the high frequency ultrasound for testicular trauma. This can find out and depict very nicely even the minute quantity of fluid (less than 1cc) .It can pick a tiny lesion as small as 2-3mm.Hence any traumatic rupture, hemorrhage, collection ,contusion, parecnhymal changes can be diagnosed with 100% accuracy. The use of doppler along with the imaging increases its sensitivity, particularly in finding out the infarctions and mass lesions. Ultrasound not only has role in diagnosis, but also helps in management of such cases to evaluate the response of the treatment


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