ISSN : 2520-3118
DOI   : 10.21522/TIJMD.2013


Texila International Journal of Medicine aims to render quality communication among all the medical researchers world-wide.  It deals with the healthcare delivery systems for the developed and the developing countries. The journal mainly focuses on the original researches in the field of Clinical Medicine and is catered to meet the needs of the doctors, researchers and other healthcare professionals. 

Aim & Scope

Texila International Journal of Medicine publishes the original research of physicians concerning the Internal Medicine, General Medicine based in individual as well as community based practice. Being published half yearly, it acts as an official journal with different issues and volumes pertaining to the medicine best practices validated globally. The Journal was commenced in the year 2013 had received the ISSN number. Each issue of the Journal is filled with useful reviews and seminal articles which would highlight the healthcare issues and best practices. The main focus of the Journal is to showcase the Original Researches in the field of Clinical Medicine which would be catered to meet the requisites of the doctors, researchers and other healthcare professionals.