Case Report - Aniridia Lens with Manual Sutureless Medium Incision Cataract Surgery – Big Size, Big Surprise

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Authors : Jasdeep Singh Sandhu


Penetrating ocular trauma frequently causes combined lens and iris tissue injury resulting in traumatic cataract, ectopia lentis, corneal irregularities, traumatic aniridia or irideremia which can be complete or partial, hypoplasia of the iris and loss of iris diaphragm function. The management of patients with co-existing traumatic iris deficiencies and cataract is often challenging due to its heterogeneity, complexity and various associated ocular pathologies. The chief complaints may include photophobia, cosmetic defect, impaired vision and depth of focus. The current various technical options for the treatment of aniridia include iris diaphragm lenses, segmental prosthetic iris devices, flexible iris prosthesis and tinted or painted contact lens /intraocular lens.

We report a case of 44 year old male operated for coexisting traumatic cataract and aniridia by manual sutureless medium incision cataract surgery (MSMICS) and aniridia intraocular lens implantation.