Survey and Comparison of Floristic Diversity and Ethnic culture in Punikkolkavu and Chirakkakavu Sacred Groves of Thalassery, Kannur District, North Kerala, India

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DOI: 10.21522/TIJMD.2013.04.01.Art014

Authors : Prathyusha. P, Shabina V.


Sacred groves exist in various parts of the country and are unique examples of ecological understanding and management. These are locked information sites. The Sacred grove concept is one of the strategies developed by many human societies to conserve biological resources using a traditional approach. In the present study deals with the floristic comparison and ethnobotanical practices of the two sacred groves, Punikkolkavu and Chirakkakavu, Kannur District, Kerala. Punikkolkavu is rich in plant diversity when compared to Chirakkakavu. A total of 70 plant species belonging to 36 families were located in Punikkolkavu and 41 plant species belonging to 22 families were located in Chirakkakavu were recorded. The mode of mythological and therapeutical uses and conservation practices of these plants by the local people have been recorded.


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