Uncommon presentation of a common disease: Herpes Zoster manifesting as acute constipation

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Authors : Rajneesh Tyagi


Herpes Zoster is primarily a dermatologic condition, and its gastrointestinal complication is rarely reported. Acute constipation is a very unusual complication of Herpes Zoster. In this case report, we describe a 59-year old male who was admitted with complaints of abdominal distension and severe constipation for five days, accompanied by multiple itchy vesicular eruptions in the area of T7-T12 dermatomes for four days. The patient was diagnosed with visceral neuropathy leading to acute constipation due to Herpes Zoster. He was managed conservatively with antiviral medication and laxatives and showed dramatic improvement in his symptoms. Early recognition of this complication of Herpes Zoster is very important because timely diagnosis can result in preferable outcome with conservative treatment only, thus avoiding unnecessary surgical intervention.


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