Acute Urinary Retention in a Young Man Secondary to Severe Dysentery: A Case Report

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DOI: 10.21522/TIJMD.2013.05.01.Art003

Authors : Mohammad Nasir Alvi


Urinary bladder has complex Autonomic innervation regulated by a hierarchy of mechanisms of the central nervous system. Any dysfunction in these regulatory mechanisms can lead to acute urinary retention. A 25 years old man presented with acute urinary retention following severe dysentery. His urinary bladder was decompressed and his normal voiding mechanism was restored thereafter. It is postulated that excessive straining to pass stool during dysentery / diarrhea can stimulate the recto-vesicourethral reflex and lead to acute urinary retention.
Keywords: Acute urinary retention, Recto-vesicourethral reflex, Dysentery


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