Characteristics and Capabilities of Emergency Departments in Abuja Nigeria, 2011

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Authors : Eugene Nnamdi Nwauwa


In this article review we will look at the various aspect of this article in terms of its relevance, structure, accuracy, objectivity and stability. We shall also look at how it relates to the existing literature. We shall look at the data analysis and see if the results agree with what the author has inferred or set out to achieve. We shall also see if there are some significant results which the author did not infer from the data. We shall summarize the article bringing out the main points which the article has determined.

We shall also look at the background of the authors, the setting in which the study was carried out and whether the suggestions of the authors were relevant to the study population and background, we will suggest how to improve on the outcome and further studies which may be necessary as a result of the present findings.

We point out our areas of agreement with the authors and our areas of disagreement, stating reasons why we disagree. We shall look at similar studies by other authors and see how it agrees or differs from this study. We will finally conclude the review by stating the benefits of the study and the grey areas that need further studies.


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