Acute Shortage of Nursing Professional in Pakistan

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DOI: 10.21522/TIJNR.2015.02.01.Art020

Authors : Salma Parveen


Human resources for health are known as one of the core building blocks for health care system. The health care system is facing a serious challenge of the lack of human resources. It is very difficult to put the model of qualified and right people in the right place in Pakistan because of rapid growing of population. The existing health institutions, facilities and services are not sufficient to cope with the health care provision to all people in Pakistan. Retention of nurses in health care system is a main concern to nursing communities throughout the world. Pakistan has made a big step in getting better access to health services since its independence and development of public health in the country at partition era in 1947. Although Pakistan is in the list of developing countries where the health care system is still on life support in which nurses have significant role in Human Resource for Health (HRH). Advanced Nursing Services in Pakistan needs to meet the health requirements of community and to face future challenges in health care setting. But shortage of nurses has been a constant challenge for nursing profession in many countries including Pakistan.

Although nursing is a noble profession, but our gender prejudices, negligence and ill-treatment has caused enormous damage to it. A big cause of migration of nurses from Pakistan to gulf- countries is due to the reason that nursing has bright future in such places and is given its due respect. It is important to give the identification, value and required facilities to this profession as it will benefit the society at vast level.


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