Prevalence of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis among adult patients at Ndola Central Hospital, Ndola, Zambia

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Authors : Vivian Mwiinga


Study aimed at determining prevalence of Multi Drug Resistance Tuberculosis at Ndola Central Hospital among Adults, Ndola, Zambia.

A retrospective cohort study review was conducted among adult MDR-TB patients at Ndola Central Hospital from 15th August to 22nd August 2014. All records for MDR TB patients from MDR TB ward were reviewed (January 2010 up to June 2014). Sample size was 114, Convenient sampling was done using MDR- TB treatment register and laboratory results. Data was analyzed using Epi Data version 3, and Pearson Chi square. The findings revealed that 48.2% of the patients with MDR TB had sputum positive results for culture, compared to 6.6% whose sputum was negative. The study also found that, of all (114) MDR TB patients who were admitted in MDR TB ward at Ndola Central Hospital, only 44% had Multi drug resistance , 33% had Mono resistance, while 22.6% had Poly resistance. The findings revealed that 29.8% were new cases, 23.7% treatment failure, and 4.9% relapse. Discussion of findings shows that; almost 50% of the respondents had MDR TB which was confirmed by sputum culture results and others had poly resistance and mono resistance. The respondents were either new cases, treatment failure or relapse cases, which showed that there could be other factors associated with drug resistance.

Conclusion: prevalence rate of MDR TB was 44% and is major threat for TB control measures and proper treatment options.

Keywords: Prevalence, MDR-TB Resistance, Ndola, Zambia.


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