ISSN : 2520-3134
DOI   : 10.21522/TIJPH.2013


Texila International Journal of Public Health aims to publish the articles relevant to the health issues and relevant good practices prevailing in the nurturing healthcare sector. With its wide exposure, it aims to provide a platform for the global researchers to be a part of it by submitting the researches in the chosen area of interest. It also brings awareness about the transmitting infection and other contagious diseases that sustain the community.

Aim & Scope

Texila International Journal of Public Health publishes the original research concerning the health issues and the related best practices for the welfare of the community.  The journal was commenced in 2013 and is published quarterly. It has received the ISSN Number. Each issue of the Journal is concentrated to create awareness about the concept of public health in every aspect of life in different situations.
The main focus of the journal is to highlight the about the infection and transmission of contagious diseases that sustain the community and to cop up with the possible solutions. It renders a good platform for the public health practitioners and researchers around the globe deliver public health services and systems in a better way.