Maternal Mortality in the Chadian Ouaddai Region Health Facilities Compared to the whole Country

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Authors : Paluku Kapitula Augustin


Maternal mortality is one of Chad’s most pressing issues. Chad’s maternal mortality ratio is 1,200 per 100,000 live births, the third highest in the world (WHO 2010). A woman’s lifetime risk of maternal death is 1 in 14, one of highest in the world (Country statistics; “Unicef”). The Ouaddai region being one of the Chadian regions beneficiating from humanitarian assistance due to the Darfuri Sudanese refugees’ presence since 2004, this region is not sharing the alarming statistics as hereby presented. This study aims first to examine and analyze maternal mortality ratio in Ouaddai health facilities in comparison to all the country, second to light the disparities between MoH health facilities and the ONGs supported health facilities (refugee camps) within Ouaddai region. Using three years data extracted from the UNHCR Health Information system and the MoH health information database in the region, we ran a retrospective MMR study to estimate the difference relevant to each location in the Region.

The results show that the Maternal Mortality is statistically different in each of the two locations within Ouaddai and different comparing Ouaddai region to the whole country. The differences noticed is likely due to the quality health provided in the refugee camps which contribute to improve the health of women in the host communities who are benefiting for a free of charge health services in the refugee camps. 


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