The Opinions of Pharmacists in Ondo State, Nigeria, towards the Inclusion of HIV Services Into Community Pharmacies

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Authors : Olatoun Adefunke Adeola


The purpose of this study is to ascertain opinion of pharmacists on the inclusion of HIV interventions   into community pharmacy. This includes their willingness to deliver HCT and ARV services, their perceived knowledge of HIV management and the adequacy of personnel and infrastructure at community pharmacies.

In the course of this study, the survey method of descriptive research was used. It was implemented through the collaboration of the Ondo State branch of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) during the celebration of the World Pharmacy Day 2013. This afforded the opportunity of having pharmacists working in various health fields together under one roof. The main instrument of data collection was a pre tested questionnaire. The responses were entered into an excel data base with the data analysis done using tables and percentages. The result of the analysis revealed the readiness of pharmacists to accept the incorporation of HIV services into community pharmacy. It also revealed that Community Pharmacists in Ondo State are enthusiastic and willing to be included in HIV service provision. Integrating HIV services into their services would support an increased uptake of prevention services, expansion of access to HCT, PMTCT, and ART services. 


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