Assessing the Epidemiology of Road Traffic Accident Cases in the Ashanti Region of Ghana

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DOI: 10.21522/TIJPH.2013.07.04.Art003

Authors : Ogbordjor S, Gabla A.M.H, Adjei G, Ohene-boadi bossman G


Introduction: Road Traffic Accident (RTA) cases are major public health threat worldwide, and without preventative measures are projected to increase over the next 20 years. This study assessed the burden of RTA on the Asante Akyem segment of the Accra-Kumasi trunk road in Ghana.

Methods: Structured questionnaire was used to extract data on RTA cases, which occurred in 2011-2015, from Juaso and Konongo Municipal Motor Traffic Units (MTU) registry. The data collected were analysed descriptively using univariate analysis via Epi info version 7.

Results: There were 774 RTA cases which recorded 1408 injuries with 293 deaths over five-year (2011-2015) period. The RTA cases mostly occurred on Saturdays between 12 noon and 6pm within the months of March and August. Cargo trucks accounted for most of the RTA cases and the commonest mechanism of the RTA cases was head-on collision. Konongo high street and Odumasi 3 lane areas were the most accident-prone locations with the latter accounting for the highest number of casualties. The Yawkwei and Asankare areas, however, have gained notoriety for fatalities.

Conclusions: This study provides an insight into RTA cases as a major public health threat in the Asante Akyem Districts. Most of the causes of RTA seemed to be known, but a multi-sectoral approach will be required to curb the menace. There is the need for all stakeholders including government, the Ghana Private Road Transport Union, road construction engineers, civil society organizations and non-governmental organizations to intensify road traffic and safety education, and enforce road traffic regulations to curtail RTA.

Keywords: Road traffic accident, public health, epidemiology, preventative measures.


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