Prevalence and Determinants of Overweight, Obesity, Prehypertension, and Hypertension in the Banking Industry in Nigeria: An Analysis of a Nationwide Dataset

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DOI: 10.21522/TIJPH.2013.07.04.Art006

Authors : Idris Muhammad Yakubu, Philip Bigelow


Banking occupations are typically white-collar jobs with long hours of sitting, high workload, little time for breaks, and indulgence in highly processed foods. This lifestyle predisposes bank employees to overweight, obesity, and hypertension, the leading risk factors for cardiovascular disease, the number cause of death globally.

This study was a cross-sectional survey of bank employees across Nigeria conducted in 2018. A census sample consisting of 3013 bankers, who participated in a healthy lifestyle program was processed and analyzed using SPSS. The study explored the prevalence and determinants of overweight, obesity, prehypertension, and hypertension in the banking industry. A questionnaire, interview schedule, and anthropometric and blood pressure tools were used in collecting the primary data.

The age of the participants ranged from 19 to 59 years, 62% were youth (19-39), 38% middle-aged (40-59), 81% men, and 19% women. Senior staff constituted 52.2%, junior 45.4%, and executive 2.4%. The mean age was 38.8 ± 9.0 years, weight 78.75 ± 14.74kg, height 1.71 ± 0.08m, BMI 26.99 ± 4.89kg/m2, waist circumference 79.13 ± 26.72m, hip circumference 87.24 ± 28.57cm, waist-hip-ratio 0.91 ± 0.07, systolic blood pressure 129 ± 18mmHg, and diastolic blood pressure 80 ± 12mmHg.

The prevalence of healthy weight was 35.6%, underweight 1.5%, overweight 39.3%, obesity 23.6%, abnormal waist to hip ratio (WHR) 61%, normotension 32.5%, prehypertension 33.9%, and hypertension 27.6%. Overweight was associated with age and location; obesity with age, sex, office status, and location; prehypertension with age and location; and hypertension with age, sex, location, and obesity.

Keyword: Prevalence, Overweight, Obesity, Prehypertension, Hypertension, Banking Industry, Nigeria.


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