Alcohol Abuse and Family Relationships: Is there a Reciprocal Effect between Alcohol Abuse and Family Dynamics?

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DOI: 10.21522/TIJPH.2013.SE.19.02.Art010

Authors : Heba W. Kostandy


The present literature review aims to examine a range of reciprocal effects between alcohol abuse and family relations: as individuals and as a system. The study targets the mutual relationship between alcohol abuse and the family. Alcohol abuse is being examined to affect the personalities of family members and the functioning and interactions of the family as a system. The family in turn is examined in terms of contributing to the onset, alleviation or persistence of alcohol abuse. Accordingly, recovery from alcohol abuse would necessitate the involvement of family members besides the main subject of abuse. An ethnographic study would be used to examine the direct and indirect mutual effect families and alcohol abuse have on one another.

Keywords: Alcohol, abuse, family, systems, recovery, abstinence.


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