Female Sexual Dysfunction before and after Diagnosis of Infertility

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DOI: 10.21522/TIJPH.2013.09.04.Art019

Authors : Orji Ernest Okechukwu, Ogunjuyigbe Peter O


This study determined the prevalence, domain, and predictors of sexual dysfunction among 222 infertile women before and after Diagnosis of infertility in Ife East Senatorial district, Nigeria. They were interviewed using interviewer-administered questionnaire and Female Sexual Function Index assessment tool. Information about their sexual functions after marriage and before the couple started having difficulty in getting pregnant were obtained and compared with sexual functions after Diagnosis of infertility. Data management was done using SPSS Version22 and STATA 12. The Chi-square test was used to test associations. P-value of was set <0.05. Before infertility diagnosis, the prevalence of sexual dysfunction was 23.9%. After infertility diagnosis, this increased to 57.2%, P<0.001. The mean scores of female sexual function index for infertile patients were 29.57 ±5.10 before the infertility diagnosis but reduced to 24.42 ± 5.86 after infertility diagnosis P <0.001. The domain scores reduced after Diagnosis of infertility, and it shows statistical significance at P<0.001. Significant predictors at multivariate analysis include increasing maternal age, increasing duration of infertility, Hausa /Fulani tribe, and female genital mutilation. Infertility increases the prevalence of female sexual dysfunction and reduces the domain scores of sexual functions.

Keywords: Dysfunction, Female, Infertility, Sexual.


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