Evaluation of National Health Insurance Scheme: Benefits and Challenges in Eastern Nigeria

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Authors : Mgbe Chinenye Glory, Dr. Kevin E. M


National health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) is a health care scheme that was by established by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 2005 for better healthcare delivery to its populace. The aim of this study was to determine the proportion of Enugu East Federal Government Staff in Nigerian enrolled in the scheme, their satisfaction with the quality and availability of services rendered within the scheme and the factors that were responsible for the dismal health indices in the country despite the use of the scheme.  Indebt Questionnaires were administered randomly to 200 out of 212 respondents that access healthcare in Esut Teaching Hospital in Enugu East metropolis.

The findings show that only 57% of adults were enrolled in the scheme, 87% were satisfied with their health improvement with the scheme. Notably, 93% of enrolled respondents were aware of NHIS. There was some level of dissatisfaction in the scheme (26% of enrollees). Sources of dissatisfaction included delays in receiving required services and unavailability or non coverage of some required services. It was statistically determined using Chi Square tool of analysis that there was a direct relationship between the percentage of enrollees and the poor health indices of the populace. We strongly recommend for an improvement in accessibility and availability of quality drugs for a better health to NHIS client and as well as improved coverage quality of services within the scheme. Also there should be a modification in the existing policy by improve NHIS through creating special hospital for the scheme’s patient. This may further improve the undue protocol encountered by this research. 


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