Factors Affecting Disclosure of HIV Status to Sexual Partners among Women attending Antenatal Clinic in State Specialist Hospital, Ikere-Ekiti

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Authors : Akinyemi Patrick Ayodeji



In this study, the factors affecting level of disclosure of HIV staus to sexual partners was studied among HIV positive women in Ikere Ekiti.


An interviewer administered questionnnaire was administered to 50 female respondent attending care and support group meeting. The degree of correlation between disclosure of HIV status to sexual partner and level of education was studied using chi square method at level of significance of α = 0.05. other factors were also compared e.g. stigmatisation, fear of divorce etc.


Despite effort and resources available for HIV care including counselling service, 76% of patient who have not disclosed their status are not ready for disclosure. The study also shows that there is no relationship between level of education and significance. Stigmatization is still a big challenge in the fight against the scourge as majority attached non disclosure to fear of stigma.


Much effort is still required in the aspect of disclosure of HIV status among sexual partners through improvement of counselling section, legislation against non disclosure that is harmful to others and adoption of contract referal system into our health policy.


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