Stress in medical students- its major causative factors and its changing modality:

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DOI: 10.21522/TIJPH.2013.04.02.Art055

Authors : Radhika B., Saraswati I, Usha nandini M., Vishwanath Rao


Stress is commonly defined as a non specific response of the body to any demand or change. Both mind and body plays an interactive role in the stress process. Medical education being a highly stressful course among the other professional courses makes the students to face a lot of stress than the other student population. This study emphasis mainly on the various causative factors of stress among the under graduate (UG) medical students and its changing modality in the past two consecutive years. For this study 100 UG 2nd yr medical students were selected randomly and research was done.

Each student was given a questionnaire for the assessment of stress levels and from their response various levels of stress were brought and also the major factors responsible for their stress process.

From this study it was also found out that stress phase was increasing every year and there is a need for the adaptation of various methods and facilities to control their stress process.