The Impact of Community Terrorism and Clashes on Quality of Care of Clients in HIV Program in Nigeria. (The Taraba Experience)

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DOI: 10.21522/TIJPH.2013.04.02.Art057

Authors : Pharm Bruno A. Abebe, Pharm. Pinkai Aloysius, Pharm Solomon Abe


One of the major challenges mitigating against the success of the HIV program in Nigeria, particularly in Taraba state, the state under study, was the incidence of community terrorism and clashes between the TIV farmers and Fulani herdsman that happened across certain communities where healthcare facilities were located that offered HIV program. This article will analyze the HIV program in Taraba state and how community terrorism and clashes has contributed to poor quality of care received by HIV patients and led to the dearth of healthcare workers, such as doctors, Pharmacists, nurses, laboratory scientists, record staffs etc and consequently contributed to the high prevalence of HIV in the state. 


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