The Power of Academic Research for Innovation in Practice and Policy: Systemic Review of Literature

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DOI: 10.21522/TIJPH.2013.04.04.Art025

Authors : Bala Ibn Shehu Uthman


The aim of this paper was to explore and present the impact or power of the academic research for innovation in practice and policy, that is, the academic research collaboration in the progress of policy in government and innovation in professional practices with particular emphasis on northern Nigerian region. It is a systemic review type of study design.

As a matter of fact, universities and other higher institutions like polytechnics schools, have been serving our societies for virtually a thousand years and we have no doubt in our minds that over that period of time, universities, schools of polytechnic, colleges of higher education and the world have undergone significant transformation mainly due to advancement in research that influence policy formulation and its implementation.

It is obviously clear to everyone that, the world is now more complex, more interwoven or inter-connected and changing more rapidly and that we also live in an environment that is coerced by news cycles, passing manners and uncertainty in the futures. Moreover, social structures are changing, as well as values and attitudes. There are also competition that is growing, people are increasingly mobile and the global economic becomes centre of gravity that is changing at a speed not seen before. As such, governments have to address such problems as climate change, potential pandemics of diseases and food insecurity that are global in scope and require a coordinated global response. These are achieved through research (both academic and other form of researches)

Natural and man-made disasters are becoming more common and their consequences greater. People everywhere feel under pressure. Change is inevitable and one of the important roles of universities and other higher institutions has been to make some of these changes possible through mostly academic researches that create new understanding, new technologies and the potential for action; and by providing a store of knowledge and capabilities that society as a whole has been able to draw upon.

In this paper, therefore, the author reviewed some papers written by other authors on the subject and then expressed the situation obtainable here in Nigeria, the gaps and challenges in the use of academic research in policy development and practice in the area under review. Some recommendations were also made.

Keywords: Academic Research, Innovation, Growth and Development, Policy Development.


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