A Study on Factors Contributing to Communities not Accessing Anti Retro Viral Therapy [ARVs] in some Rural Health Facilities in Eastern Province of Zambia

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DOI: 10.21522/TIJPH.2013.04.04.Art042

Authors : James Mwale


The competing economical, social and political challenges makes health to remain neglected in developing countries.

Patients cannot access the ARVs without CD4 count tests, as it is a marker for immune system.

Patients have easy access for HIV (Human Immune Virus) testing than for CD4 count. It is for this reason that Pima CD4 testing machines were introduced to enable those previously unable to offer CD4 testing, to do so.

Study data shows that facilities with Pima CD4 machines have higher patients number on ARVs than those who do not have.

It is for this reason that government and cooperating partners should support procuring more Pima CD4 machine for point of care.


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